Hyundai i40 Estate Series MK1 05-2011 – Current

Hyundai i40 Estate Series MK1 05-2011 – Current

Chapter 8 chevron kit for a Hyundai i40 Estate Series MK1 05-2011 – Current half rear. Simply choose the material and kit type you require from the options below.

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Chapter 8 chevron kit for a Hyundai i40 Estate Series MK1 05-2011 – Current half rear. Each chevron kit can be supplied as a planked, flooded separate, flooded applied or magnetic kit. They are fully numbered and delivered with an application guide for easy fitting.


In order to provide the best products and service possible, all Chapter 8 chevron kits from Fleet ID are made to order. The following delivery options are available:

  • Standard delivery – up to 5 working days (ordered before 12pm)
  • Express 1 – delivered to you within 48hrs (£40)
  • Express 2 – delivered to you within 72hrs (£35)

*All up to 5 kits

Longer standard delivery times apply to larger orders, but if you require any of your Chapter 8 chevron kits on a quicker turnaround than the standard delivery, please contact us on 0344 2098775 so we can accommodate your requirements.

After ordering your Chapter 8 chevron kits, you will receive order updates via email, keeping you informed on the progress of your order.

Which material should you choose?

Your Chapter 8 chevron kits can be manufactured from Oralite 6900 R3B Prismatic, Oralite 5860 RA2 High Intensity, Oralite 5200 RapidAir or Oralite 5600 Engineering Grade Rapid Air.

The reflective material that you choose for your Chapter 8 kit depends where the vehicle or vehicles will be used. All reflective materials have different levels of reflectivity, which is measured on a ‘light back to source’ basis and this level of reflectivity determines what type of roads the vehicle can be used on. A quick reference guide can be seen below:


Reflective material Roads up to 40mph Roads up to and over 40mph
Oralite 6900 R3B Prismatic
Oralite 5860 RA2 High Intensity
Oralite 5200 RapidAir
Orafol 5600 Engineering Grade Rapid Air


For further information about the different materials that we use to manufacture our Chapter 8 kits, please visit our reflective materials guide page here.

Choosing your kit type and coverage

We have a number of Chapter 8 kit options available, in terms of both application type and coverage type. You can choose from the following kit types:


Planked kit – each reflective strip and each fluorescent strip is cut and supplied taped together in small sections. Each strip is numbered individually, corresponding to the application guide supplied with your kit. Please retain your application guide for future reference (for ordering replacement panels in the event of damage).


Flooded kit – the reflective strips are cut individually and the fluorescent yellow areas are supplied as larger panels. When applying this type of kit, apply the yellow part first, covering a section of the vehicle and then apply the reflective strips over the top, leaving the required gaps between each strip.


Flooded applied kit – similar to the flooded kit, this works in larger sections. We provide the fluorescent yellow panels, with the red reflective strips already applied to them.


Magnetic kit – just as it sounds, this kit is supplied with the fluorescent yellow and red reflective already applied to magnetic panels. This is ideal for anyone that only needs the Chapter 8 kit applied to their vehicle only at certain times and for certain usage.


The amount of coverage is completely your choice – there are no guidelines or rules to follow on this. The coverage types are shown below:

For any advice on fitting Chapter 8 chevron kits, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, we have a professional fitting service available – please contact us for details.

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