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Chapter 8 Chevron Kits from Fleet ID Limited

Chapter 8 chevron kits are a must for any works vehicle that will be travelling on highways and entering works sites around the country. These ready to apply kits help to keep whole fleets safe and help to maximise the safety of other road users too.

Manufactured from high quality reflective and fluorescent materials, Chapter 8 rear chevron kits from Fleet ID limited comply with Chapter 8 of the DFT Traffic Signs Manual – your fleet is safe in our hands.


Chevron kits – why mark?

• Conspicuity markings can reduce accidents, can save lives and improve the visibility of the vehicle.

• Fewer accidents mean less downtime, less contracts missed and savings on repair costs.

• Reassure and motivate your workforce by taking their safety seriously and meet the highly recommended best practice guidance of TSM Chapter 8.

• Protect your company against potential legal action related to third party safety.

Templating Service

Although there are thousands of Chapter 8 chevron kits available on our web shop, it is difficult to list all vehicles! If you find that your vehicle is missing, simply fill in our short contact form and we will arrange for our professional templating team to create the kit for you.

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Choosing the right Chapter 8 kits for your fleet

Whether you have 2 or 200 vehicles in your fleet, choosing the right type of Chapter 8 kit for your needs is really important. It’s easy to get this right, we just need to answer a few questions first…

What type of roads will your vehicles be used on – roads with speed limits of under or over 40MPH?
Knowing this helps you to decide which material is best for you.

What type of coverage do I need?
We supply full rear, half rear or full glazed Chapter 8 kits – just see which you think best suits your requirements.

What type of application is best for me?
All of our rear chevron kits are easy to apply, but we have planked, flooded separate and flooded applied to choose from. There is also a magnetic option for those who need the kit to be popped on and off the vehicle as and when required.

Ordering Chapter 8 kits is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Choose your material

Choose from Oralite 6900 R3B Prismatic, 5860 RA2 High Intensity, 5200 RapidAir and 5600 Engineering Grade Rapid Air


Choose your coverage

You can order full rear, half rear or full glazed kits from Fleet ID Limited – the choice is yours!


Choose your application

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy installation, or a kit that can be used as and when needed, we have the kit application for you.

Choosing your material

Oralite 5200 RapidAir

This Economy Grade material is suitable for short term (3 year) outdoor applications, and is now available with RapidAir (RA) technology, for ease of application.

Product specification

Oralite 5600 RapidAir

5600 Fleet Engineer Grade is an embedded glass bead product formulated for longer term vehicle applications of up to 7 years, featuring excellent flexibility for application to curved surfaces including rivets. The RapidAir adhesive technology reduces creasing and bubbles on application.

Product specification

Oralite 5860 RA2

This High Intensity Construction Grade material has an outdoor durability of 5 years and features a honeycomb structure. 5860 RA2 High Intensity has excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces and high resistance to corrosion and solvents.

Product specification

Oralite 6900 R3B

6900 R3B Prismatic is our top of the range livery film, featuring high end prismatic reflectivity and up to 10 year performance on vehicles. Durable enough to withstand the demands for use in the Emergency Services sector.

Product specification

Not sure which material is best for you?

Read the full guide here

Your Chapter 8 kit coverage options

Full Rear

Full rear coverage refers to a Chapter 8 kit that covers the whole available area of the rear of your vehicle, including the windows if it is a van. This provides maximum visibility and can be especially useful for high roof vehicles.

Find full rear kits for your fleet here

Half Rear

Half Rear coverage only covers the vehicle below the rear window. This is standard coverage for cars, but may also be required on vans too. This allows the rear windows to be free from livery, whilst still providing excellent reflective visibility to other road users.

Find half rear kits for you fleet here

Full Glazed

Full glazed Chapter 8 kits allow for the rear window being free from livery, but add an extra bit of reflectivity around the edges and along the top of the rear of the vehicle. This can be useful for large vans.

Find full glazed kits for your fleet here

Browse all major vehicle manufacturers

All major vehicle manufacturers are covered here – you can order Chapter 8 kits for any vehicle from Audi to Volkswagen! Browse through the manufacturers to find yours. Alternatively, if you know your registration number, pop it into the reg look up at the top of the page to be directed straight to the correct kit for you.

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Good to know

Application Guide

An application guide showing all steps for the application process is supplied with every Chapter 8 kit order you will receive. This will help to ensure best possible application of your ordered Chapter 8 kit and answer any queries you may have about this process.

Click here for a full application guide

REMA Standards

Every kit we produce meets the standards set by REMA in manufacture, sealing and installation. Click on the link to find out more about REMA’s specific material requirements.

Find out more about REMA’s requirements

Edge Sealed

Our Chapter 8 kits are supplied edge sealed which stops all dirt and water penetration to the cells in the panel ensuring there is no block to the light source. This keeps the reflective to the proper standard for its intended purpose.

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